Established in 1967, the objective of SOA is the advancement of Science and Art of Orthopaedics Surgery in the Republic and for the promotion of relationship between SOA and similar associations in other countries.

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NUS-Stanford Hybrid Webinar on Hip Preservation
  29 & 30 January 2024

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Overseas Activities

Dr Roli Jakob Joint Preservation Award

The ON Foundation, a Swiss based, internationally active, independent foundation with the mission ... to advance regenerative orthopedics (“orthoregeneration”). The Foundation do not only offer awards but also provide research grants, offer educational support (scholarships, fellowships, …), provide educational contents (e.g., case documentations, videos, ...) and offer a network for surgeons and researchers and also physiotherapists who are active in the field.

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International Federation Foot & Ankle Societies

30 May – 1 Jun 2024, Seoul Korea

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