ASEAN-American Orthopaedic Association Travelling Fellowship

Through the effort of Dr Ong Leong Boon, the American Orthopaedic Association invite the ASEAN Orthopaedic Association in 1995 to a joint meeting. This historic event was held at the Greenbrier Roanoke Virginia. There were more than 50 of AOA members who participated in this historic event. From that time on, Presidents of the ASEAN have been invited to the Annual Americnan Orthopaedic Association Meeting.

2014     Dr Ang Chia Liang [View Report]
2012     Dr Lau Leok Lim [View Report]
2010     Dr Darren Tay
2008     Dr Ramesh Subramaniam [View Report]
2007     Dr Lingaraj Krishna
2006     Dr Chang Haw Chong
2005     Dr Ooi Lai Hock
2004     Dr Ang Kian Chuan (Feb/Mar) / Dr S S Sathappan (May/June)
2002     Dr Guo Chang Ming [ View Report ]

ASEAN-Australian/ New Zealand Orthopaedic Association Travelling Fellowship

The ASEAN-Australian/NZ Travelling Fellowship is to foster professional orthopaedic relationships with ASEAN nations. The ASEAN National Associations are divided into 2 groups. Each group of the National Associations will host the Australian/NZ Travelling Fellows (two from Australian OA/one from NZOA) alternative year.

The ASEAN countries will in return send one Travelling Fellow each to visit Australia and New Zealand and will end up at the Australian OA Annual Meeting.

2018     Dr Naresh Kumar