Senior ASEAN Travelling Fellowship

The Senior Travelling Fellowship started in 1986. A senior Orthopaedic Surgeon from each country travel together for a total period of two weeks. They give lectures and present research papers in the particular field of their subspecialty

This Fellowship has been approved by the Singapore Orthopaedic Association and the designated hospitals

The terms of references are:

  • There will be 7 sponsored candidates per year, one from each of the ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam) with 2 or 3 candidates in each hosting institution.
  • The candidiates will be granted an observer status with no operating privileges for a peroid of one week.
  • The Travelling Fellows will be sponsored for accommodation and administrative expenses.
  • The return airfare will be borne by the respective Orthopaedic Associations of the country of origin of the candidate.
  • Candidates are to apply through the Orthopaedic Association of their own country.
  • Fellows will submit a report to the ASEAN Orthopaedic Association secretariat upon completion of the Fellowship.

SOA Senior ASEAN Travelling Fellowship Recipients were:

2019     Dr Aziz Nather & Dr Dennis Hey [view photo]
2018     Dr Aravind Kumar & Dr Goh Seo Kiat [view photo]
2017     Dr Lai Kah Weng and Dr Poon Kein Boon [view photo & view photo]
2016     A/Prof Naresh Kumar & Dr Poon Kein Boon
2015     Dr David Chua & A/Prof Yeo Seng Jin
2014     Dr David Chua (2nd Leg – Manila, Bangkok & Yangon)
2013     Dr Khong Kok Sun & Dr Kanwaljit Soin [view photo & report]
2012     A/Prof Wilson Wang & A/Prof Paul Chang
2011     A/Prof Joseph Thambiah & A/Prof Naresh Kumar [ View Report ]
2010     A/Prof Inderjeet Singh & A/Prof Joseph Thambiah
2009     Dr Peter Lee & A/Prof inderjeet Singh
2008     Dr Howe Tet Sen & Dr Peter Lee
2007     Dr Howe Tet Sen & Dr Lai Choon Hin

2006     Prof Wong Hee Kit & Dr Lai Choon Hin
2005     Dr Wong Ho Poh & Dr Low Yin Peng
2004     Dr Lam Khee Sien
2003     Dr Lee Soon Tai
2002     Dr A K Mitra [ View Report ]
2001     Dr Wong Ho Poh
2000     Dr Tan Chong Tien